Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 13/12/2006 - 22:13.

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Sibelius Music Notation

Asked by: Bennett L

I am scoring out some of my compositions using Sibelius software. I am unsure how to notate two particular parts:

First, one song has a flute that alternates between E and B in eight note durations, but gradually slows down to quarter notes.

Second, another song has background vocals that were recorded at a slower tempo relative to the rest of the song, such that they sing only 63 eighth notes in the time it takes the rest of the song to play 64.

In both cases, the time signature of the rest of the song doesn't change. It is the notes of that individual instrument in particular that have arbitrary time lengths.

I am pretty sure there is no standard way to do this. So if anyone has tips or advice, I'd welcome them. Thanks


Submitted by: tonalc1

You could just indicate an instruction at the top of the stave.

There's a Charles Ives piece (I can't find it) where he's notated something like 64th notes--at the top he wrote "just play it as fast as you can".