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Propellerhead Reason

Asked by: beantown_boy_86

Ok, so I downloaded the newest version of Reason, a Beatmaker program from Propellerhead software. I extracted all of the . Rar files and I now have an .Rfl file, and I have no clue on what to do with it. When I try to open Reason, it asks for a certain disc, which is what I have in rfl format. So do I burn it to a disc or something then insert it when it asks for it or what. Please help, it took me forever to get this damn program and I want to use it lol. Thanks in advance.
Well I did download the program, but when I open it, it asks for a disc. And what the disc is asking for, is the soundpack, which is what I have in the rfl file


Submitted by: Alias

File Type:Reason ReFill Sound Bank
Description:Component package for Reason that may contain patches, samples, Song files, and REX files; . WAV and .AIF are compressed to about half their original file size when stored in ReFills (created using ReFill Packer)
Open With:Mac / Windows: Propellerhead Software Reason

Maybe you really didn't download a program, but a sound pack or something