Music composition tricks, tips and tutorials.

Here, we reveal some tricks to help with actually making songs, whether you be remixing an existing track, or writing your own from scratch.

Over time, we'll look at chord progression, how to overcome mental blocks that hinder us all from time-to-time, breakdowns, middle-eights... anything to do with the mechanics of building song components, you'll find here.

Submitted by thewhippinpost on Tue, 16/01/2007 - 23:14.

Sometimes our songs are built in the head before touching anything - Other times they evolve as we go along. Then, there are times when evolution just grinds to a halt part-way through a new tune, rendering what started out as a good idea, into another extinct song.

Just WTF are you supposed to do?!

Here's a little technique I sometimes use when the creative juices suddenly stop flowing, right bang-slap in the middle of a song.

Submitted by thewhippinpost on Mon, 08/01/2007 - 16:46.

There's a few ways to determine the key of a song, each of which depends on the assets you have available - The most powerful of which, your ears!

Tone Deaf

All things being equal, the key of a song can usually be figured out quite easily if you can distinguish between sound pitches (whether a note is higher or lower than another). Some people can't but that doesn't necessarily mean your music-making days are over - Beethoven was deaf remember! It just means you need to rely on other cues like sheet music, software, etc...

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