MIDI XG Tutorials

Yamaha's MIDI XG standard is a powerful extension to the normal basic General MIDI (GM) definition.

This means it packs extra drum-kits, phatter synths and more effects to play with, giving you a far richer and realistic soundset.

These MIDI XG tutorials will help you discover and exploit the hidden MIDI world of XG.


MIDI isn't a sound, it's a digital instruction to trigger sounds on external or software synths.

This guide to the MIDI standard will help you manipulate and understand those MIDI messages


The polyphony of a sound generator refers to its ability to play more than one note at a time.

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Yamaha MIDI XG

MIDI information is transmitted in "MIDI messages", which can be thought of as instructions which tell a music synthesizer how to play a piece of music. It is the synthesiser receiving the MIDI data which generates the actual sounds, according to the instructions it receives.

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