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We've already discussed a few tips to find the key of a song which invlolved mainly trial and error.

But as with anything, practise makes perfect and with this piece of kit from Solfege, you can train your ears to recognise chords and timing intervals, plus more by the looks of it:

  • Recognise melodic and harmonic intervals
  • Compare interval sizes
  • Sing the intervals the computer asks for
  • Identify chords
  • Sing chords
  • Scales
  • Dictation
  • Remembering rhythmic patterns

"Solfege is free music education software. Use it to train your rhythm, interval, scale and chord skills."

I'll be honest and declare I've not had chance to try it out yet but it does look as though it could be quite handy if you want to be more productive with your music-making.

GNU Solfege - free ear training software

Apologies for the slow week but... ya know how it is - Life 'n' all that!

Hi, Here are a couple more


Here are a couple more free ear training tools:

The main ear trainer is specifically designed so you can loop exercises and play them back on your instrument. It also has exercises for jazz improvisation.


Jazz meets the automated

Jazz meets the automated world of computer music eh! ;)

Thanks Rick, that does look interesting.

Dear Sir/Madam, My name is

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Titus, a male student of 29 years old. I have just completed a diploma programme in electrical/electronics engineering at Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria.

I want to venture into digital recording because presently in Nigeria there are opportunities for someone who can do such a thing. The lack of enough jobs for technical students like me has been an influence on me to be creative and innovative jobs creator for the youth here.

Presently, I am a volunteer sound systems operator in my church but I have noticed that sound reinforcement for live applications is different from studio sound recording or digital sound production. This is exactly why I have contacted you in order for you to assist me with neccessary information I need to know and all the needed equipments to be purchased.

I am looking at starting up with Podcast recording and IVR message reording. Additional to this, I have a laptop that has an inbuilt sound card. Also I am very familiar with most of the sound equipments and their various characteristics but I need your technical advice in order to take the right step.

Once again, there are lots of challenges here in Nigeria but the only thing one needs to be successful is acquisition of skills and knowledge. Remember "we all need someone to carry on in life".

I would be very glad to hear from you because I do not want to be useless and jobless.

Thanks for being there all the time.

Kind Regards,

Titus Ogunyemi