Music Toolkit

Online music calculating tools to help you compute the correct values for those time-based effects like time-stretching, pitch-shifting or for just simply finding the correct delay time for your mix...

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Music note to frequency calculator This calculator will give you the nearest note to a given frequency as well as its MIDI number - useful perhaps for when you want to find a "problem" note within your mix to target.

Timestretch calculator Tools for time-stretching your sample loops without altering their pitch.

Below the fold: time-stretch sample loops calculator and a transposing, time-stretching and tempo calculator.

Tempo (BPM) and pitchshifting calculator If you don't own a software audio editor that can time-stretch samples automatically - like, for instance, Sonic Foundry's Acid - then these tempo adjustment calculators are just the tools you need.

Below the fold: Tempo Transposer and a Tempo and Pitch-Shifting Calculator

Delay time calculator To create an audible rhythm with the delay effect, you should synchronise the delay time to the rhythm of the music.

Below the fold: a Delay Time Generator and Delay and Frequencies Calculator.

Music BPM calculator These calculators allow you to find the tempo (BPM) of a song from either the length in milliseconds(ms) or from the sample length.

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