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Sound modules are basically sound generators - or synthesisers, if you prefer - but without the keyboard, well, technically-speaking anyway. They are generally triggered by MIDI messages to produce its on-board sound.

Tell you what, if you need to know more about what a sound module is, and does, check out the MIDI synthesisers article

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From Yamaha

Yamaha Motif Rack ES Sound Module

Instant inspiration!

Need lots of sonic choices? From authentic to innovative, there are 1,152 voices and 65 different drum kits in the MOTIF-Rack ES... t... read more

Reviews: Yes!

Someone has an oppinion on the Yamaha Motif Rack ES Sound Module inside. Might be worth reading if you're thinking of buying it.

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From Roland

Roland XV2020 64-Voice Expandable Synthesizer Module The XV-2020 64-Voice Expandable Synthesizer Module puts Roland's flagship XV sounds in a convenient half-rack design complete with USB. Expandable via 2 SRX-Series Wave Expansion Boards, it's like a p... read more
Reviews: Yes!

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