MIDI XG Tutorials

Yamaha's MIDI XG standard is a powerful extension to the normal basic General MIDI (GM) definition.

This means it packs extra drum-kits, phatter synths and more effects to play with, giving you a far richer and realistic soundset.

These MIDI XG tutorials will help you discover and exploit the hidden MIDI world of XG.


Yamaha has confirmed to TheWhippinpost that yes, it's definitely true, it has (long) discontinued support for its erstwhile popular MIDI XG softsynths: the Yamaha SYXG-50, and Yamaha SYXG100.

Electric guitar neck

OK, if you've already set-up your XG MIDI file as described in part 1 then I bet you've had a sneaky play with it too, haven't ya!

Well let's crack on and finish your electric guitar sound using MIDI XG

Electric guitar neck

Question: Is it possible to create realistic guitar distortion using MIDI XG?
Answer: Too right it is!

MIDI isn't a sound, it's a digital instruction to trigger sounds on external or software synths.

This guide to the MIDI standard will help you manipulate and understand those MIDI messages

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MIDI keyboard

The XG midi synth is a radical step up from the General MIDI (GM) format that forms the basis of midi commands.

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