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Removable Digital Media Multitracks for Recording work

In the Removable Digital Multi-track category, Zoom are offering up the MRS4B 4-Track Digital Recorder with 32MB SmartMedia Card  for our consideration... What's it all about then?

Zoom MRS4B 4-Track Digital Recorder with 32MB SmartMedia Card
Zoom MRS4B 4-Track Digital Recorder with 32MB SmartMedia Card

Finally, a full-function, digital mini-studio at the price-point (and functionality!) of a cassette recorder!

The Zoom MRS-4 is a most professional 4-track digital audio recorder with instant-access storage on SmartMedia Cards. Each track features a 2-band parametric EQ for sound shaping, a stereo pan control, and an effect-send for accessing the internal digital multi-effect processor which briefly include:

  • Compressor (with Limiter)
  • Cabinet Simulators (Natural-sounding amps for guitar or bass)
  • Mic pre-amp
  • Delay
  • Chorus

Spatial effects such as Hall and Room Reverbs, Delays, Chorus, Mic Preamps, Compression, and Limiting are all loaded into the MRS-4 and a special mixdown effects section lets you tailor the final mix perfectly.

4-track playback and 2-tracks recording simultaneously

Up to 2 tracks can be recorded simultaneously. With 8 virtual takes for each of the 4 physical tracks, you can grab up to 32 recording-takes.

Save to Smart Media Card

Save your work to the supplied 32MB Smart Media card, and get 17 track-minutes in Hi-Fi mode and 34 track-minutes in Long mode. With an optional 128MB card, you can record up to 135 track-minutes in Long mode.

Stereo-Link function enables stereo sources (like synthesizer, sampler, drum machine etc...) to maintain their surround-sound.


Stereo bouncing is possible onto virtual takes... even when the 4 playback-tracks are full!

What others are saying:

read above dudes

this zoom thingie is not pro, as you can guess right? however, it is quite nice.

i use it constantly with various gear, including korg mini synthesizer ( stereo mode ) and later on, simply edit things ( adding more synth, bass, drums,etc.. ) and finally just plug the zoom with normal rca audio cable to my computer, and output as audio cd!

Once you get used to it, after the first hour or two, you will really love this machine.

Control yourself... do not press functions, buttons too fast. This is not a pro machine. nothing is on the fly. Takes a second or two for machine to catch up.

Do not worry about the 16khz hi end .. for most people, this is great anyway.

If you use computer to finalize into hdd or create cds, you will need to play with some software out there... some shareware also work nicely. I use the simplest version of nero to output to cd, and sometimes use total recorder, to edit, resample, mp3 it, etc etc. etc. its good.. man

More Details

If that's not enough then check out the following link for the full specifications - MRS4B 4-Track Digital Recorder with 32MB SmartMedia Card