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Audio Effects Software for Computer Music work

In the Audio Effects Software category, Waves are offering up the Transform Native Bundle  for our consideration... What's it all about then?

Waves Transform Native Bundle
Waves Transform Native Bundle

Waves new Transform bundle is for anyone looking to push the envelope in sound transformation. Take full creative control of time, pitch, instrument sound, presence, rhythmic contour, dimension and punch.

Four powerful processors using pioneering technologies allow you to easily and intuitively sculpt your sound with clarity and precision.

Some Features:

  • Waves SoundShifter: Enables you to shift pitch, time or both whilst preserving the punch, groove and transients. SoundShifter's high-grain algorithym is unequalled for clarity, timing, and a lack of artifacts and distortion.
  • Morphoder: A fully-featured stereo vocoder with an 8-voice stereo synthesizer
  • TransX: gives you the power to reshape the attack transient of any percussive sound. It detects the time of a sound's rising waveform and then boosts or reduces its level for that moment. You can adjust the mic distance plus more stuff besides.

Widely acclaimed package.

Audio Effects Software

If you're at the stage of buying audio effects, then you're at the discerning stage of demanding well engineered, quality effects, designed by real men with no lives, poor communication skills and no dress sense.

Yes, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms rule here - It's what seperates the exceptional sonic effect, from the mediocre... and it's what you are paying for.

More Details

If that's not enough then check out the following link for the full specifications - Transform Native Bundle