Native Instruments Traktor DJ Studio 2.6 is out and it wants to bring you out too!

No don't worry, we don't mean out of the closet, we mean into the real world of live performances... and big time!

FinalScratch vs Traktor 2

FinalScratch 2 Integration

That's right, if you've got some killer grimey mixes going down then Traktor 2.6 will let you hook up to the awesome FinalScratch 2 DJ turntable system (used by a growing army of professional DJ's). So now we can spin, scratch, reverse, cut and cue our Traktor mixes just like we're playing a real analogue turntable!

... In other words, the best of both worlds has now come together (via superfast Firewire); You've got the power of mashing tunes up in the way that only software can do - like real-time, on-the-fly looping or auto beat-matching for instance - and you've got the hands-on physical control that only turntable decks can provide... the creative possibilities or what!

... but there's more!

The Traktor DJ interface

Internet Broadcasting - Icecast

Of course, not all of us are blessed with evergreen money-trees in our gardens so if you don't have FinalScratch, you can still get your music out to your base because Traktor v2.6 has built-in support for Icecast. So you can broadcast your remixes directly over the internet live... Plus, it has live input for some live rap accompaniment, or whatever other noises you fancy gurning out over your joints!

Along with all the other features locked into Traktor, such as being able to play virtually any digital audio file format (MP3, WAV, AIFF, AAC, WMA, CD etc...) and the ability to skip back and forth in a mix whilst leaving Traktor to worry about auto-synchronising the tempo for you, I'm wondering if we'll soon be hearing a new genre of mixes that'll take music into the next era - Let's hope so (and to think that FinalScratch also accepts MIDI commands too... hmm!).

There's no excuse for keeping your joints from the masses anymore. Yes, check it out...

The latest version of Traktor is available to buy now for both Macintosh and Windows