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Cubase SX2 box

Here you'll find some tips and tricks to set-up Cubase SX2.

Cubase SX2 FAQ

Here you'll find a selection of common questions and answers relating to Steinberg's Cubase SX2 audio and MIDI sequencer.

Keep checking back, more will be added soon - In addition, your question may've already been covered on the Cubase SX tutorial page.

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Plug-ins don't work with Cubase SX2

It's because the old plug-ins are not compatible with the new VST 2.3 audio engine.

Until the plug-in author makes an upgrade try this:

  • Device » Plug-in Information.
  • Tick the box Old Host Behaviour.

Plug-in Feedback Sound Problem

See above.

Update the Cubase SX 1.0 Dongle to SX 2.0

First of all, this update can only be done via the internet... I know, I know!

Here's what to do if you don't have a connection on your DAW computer...

In the Cubase SX 2 installation CD, locate the folder:
Additional Content » Copy Protection Driver.

On the machine having a connection, install the Copy Protection Driver.exe program. Now reboot the computer, whack in the SX 1 dongle then go to:

  • Start » Programs » SynCroSoft

...and fire up the Copy Protection Update Wizard.

Follow instructions, then enter the update serial number.

After that, plug the dongle into your DAW computer after having installed Cubase SX 2.

Import Frozen File to an Audio Track

Just choose:

  • File » Export » Audio-Mixdown.
  • Outputs » VST Instrument Channels

Cubase SX 2 is an old Steinberg release - You can find details of the latest Cubase here

Check out the step-by-step video tutorials for Cubase TheWhippinpost has sourced for you.