ReCycle Loop Slicer

Propellerhead's ReCycle allows us to slice loops with ease. So if you have a full drum-loop you can whack it into ReCycle and have it quickly slice apart each percussion instrument, then steal, polish or mangle it... or even time-stretch it!

Beat Slicing Loops

ReCycle is an excellent app for slicing and dicing drum-loops and other single-instrument samples. With it, you can individually select a single "hit" - or slice - within a loop, and apply effects such as reverse, filter, pitch-shift, time-stretch,copy/paste, or change a hits' position... amongst other things

All-in-all, very interesting things can come out of ReCyle if used with an inquisitive mind.

After adding your effects and generally mangling your slices, you can easily import the resulting new sample back into Reason, Cubase SX, or any music app that supports the REX file format.

Meet REX

Propellerhead's REX file format, stores additional info about the sample, such as regions you've created, which means compatible applications understand exactly what's been done to them. Essentially, what you do in ReCycle, is faithfully reproduced within Reason (or Cubase SX, or whatever...) and auto-timestretched to fit your song's tempo.

This is basically a holding page for a ReCycle tutorial whilst we finish writing it. If you are looking to buy ReCycle, the best deal around at the moment is through zZounds (link below):

ReCyle is available now.