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Personal Keyboards for Keyboards and MIDI work

In the Keyboards and MIDI category, Yamaha are offering up the PSRE303 61-Key MIDI Keyboard with Sequencer  for our consideration... What's it all about then?

Yamaha PSRE303 61-Key MIDI Keyboard with Sequencer
Yamaha PSRE303 61-Key MIDI Keyboard with Sequencer

The Yamaha PSRE303 is a 61-key MIDI Keyboard with an onboard 2-track recorder.

The PSRE303 is also loaded with 482 voices, including Yamaha's XGlite voice set (XG MIDI is an expanded version of the General MIDI standard); onboard lessons; Full and Split keyboard functions; DSP effects; the Sound Effects Kit with a dedicated front panel button; and Flash ROM - perfect for connecting to a computer and transferring MIDI content from the Internet.

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A range of keyboards for personal use... what more is there to say?!

What others are saying:

the 400 some odd voices make this an awsome keyboard for recording, performing or practicing. the xg lite is a less suped up of yamaha's xg software and the lite alone has a ton of voices. the backlight is also pretty cool. i found it nice when playing in a dimly lit studio.

this keyboard is very well made. you can feel the sturdiness of it right out of the box. the keys shine and there are no pieces that can come loose. i would use this keyboard for touring and performing.

this is a great deal for this keyboard. others will not have the great piano sound. i also own a cheaper korg keyboard and there is absolutley no comparison to the sound. the keys have a much greater spring to them and the sound quality is far superior

very sleek and y

this keyboard has an amazingly realistic piano sound. the portable grand piano function is geat. each note is sampled from a grand piano which gives the keyboard great tone. my favorite function is the sustain on/off function which allows you to keep the sustain on without the hassel of a pedal.

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If that's not enough then check out the following link for the full specifications - PSRE303 61-Key MIDI Keyboard with Sequencer