Submitted by thewhippinpost on Thu, 14/12/2006 - 14:55.

MOTU Ultralite In a bid, I daresay, to stay ahead of the pack, MOTO are shipping early beta releases of Vista-compatible drivers for all their MOTO Firewire, PCI and USB hardware interface products

All current MOTU hardware products are supported, including Firewire and UltraFast USB2 audio/MIDI interfaces such as the UltraLite and 828mkII, PCI core systems such as the 2408mk3 and HD192, and all MOTU USB MIDI interfaces.

If you're an up-to-the-minute techno-music-geek who truly has their fingernails embedded into the latest computer-music technology, chances are, you might already be running Microsoft's upcoming new operating sytem, Windows Vista. So this will be good news but even if you're not one of the early-adopters, this will still interest you if you're a MOTU-user because the drivers are also compatible with the current Windows XP O/S

Oh yeah, the drivers are available in both 32-bit and 64-bit too.