Submitted by thewhippinpost on Wed, 13/12/2006 - 23:29.

Answers to your music-making questions Making music has just become a little easier with TheWhippinpost's latest new section, simply called: Answers.

That's right, my knowledge-thirsty music-freaks with no lives, after several hours of programming, using Yahoo's freely available Answers API service, TheWhippinpost fired hundreds of music-making questions at it and gathered together all the answers submitted by Yahoo's community into one place, here.

So now you have easy unfettered access to Yahoo's massive wealth of community knowledge without the hassle of sifting through millions of un-related questions, like: "I'm going out now, where shall I go?".

I know... I told yer you thought TheWhippinpost was great, didn't I!

TheWhippinpost believes this is the only site dedicated to computer music that has bothered its ass to aggregate all these music-making nuggets into one place... sooo web 2.0 eh!

So fill ya boots. Spread the word and get it bookmarked.