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Hard-Disk Multitrack Expansion Boards for Recording work

In the category, Roland are offering up the MV8VGA VGA/Mouse Output Board for MV8000  for our consideration... What's it all about then?

Roland MV8VGA VGA/Mouse Output Board for MV8000
Roland MV8VGA VGA/Mouse Output Board for MV8000

The Roland MV8VGA lets you add a mouse and VGA monitor to your MV8000 for real DAW-style capabilities. This option is user-installable.

What others are saying:

its a vga expansion.

with all honesty... the gui of this interface makes editing of midi and audio waaaaay more easier.. however, imho, i have found the mv to be good without the vga expansion. my only grief about the vga is that the interface could be made a bit better. the interface will has a cheap 8-bit color resolution with a layout similar to the fruity loops software ( also there's no screen saver when this thing is in use....

i personally believe the vga expansion shouldn't be an option... rather it should already be installed... also, if you have experience with computer hardware.. you could probably make your own expansion box.

despite the graphics, it will definitely make your music experience more fun, productive and inspiring..

this add-on does not make sounds. it allows you to see sounds :-)

only time i had to call them was when i ordered my free dvd manual.

i'm satisfied. however you may or may not like the graphics and probably be better off without the vga expansion. therefore, i dont recommend buying this thing.. try to get it cheap from somewhere else or do the rebate.

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If that's not enough then check out the following link for the full specifications - MV8VGA VGA/Mouse Output Board for MV8000