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If you listen to The Prodigy or Oasis, chances are that you've already been musically touched by our guest music-mixing sound engineer to the stars, Rick Snoman.This page is a brief profile of one of the UK's leading sound engineers.

Sound engineer Rick Snoman talks exclusively to TheWhippinpost and reveals some of his mixing audio techniques using Cubase.

Rick has a new book! Details below.

Biopic: Rick Snoman - Pro Sound Engineer


The Dance Music Manual - Tools Toys and Techniques by Rick Snoman is available now!

Rick reveals ALL of his tips and tricks in this 510 page mega book!

Read below for brief content overview or buy The Dance Music Manual now!

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If you make music and read the popular music making magazines in the UK, such as Computer Music or Future Music, chances are that you've also picked up many of his mixing tips for your songs too.

Tireless to a fault, it's difficult to comprehend how he has achieved so much in so little time. He has a PhD in Audio engineering and is senior engineer at Townhouse Studios in Manchester.

When he's not in his day job mixing up tomorrows latest hit, he's often invited as guest speaker and mentor at various music making and mixing seminars to a paying audience.

For "relaxation", he also likes to make his own tunes at home with his own impressive arsenal of musical equipment:

  • 3 - 3.2Ghz Pentium IV PC's, running SX 2
  • 1 - 3Ghz Pentium IV laptop, running Gigastudio
  • Mac G4 running Pro Tools
  • Access Virus B
  • Roland TR909
  • Roland TR808
  • Roland Juno 6
  • Roland JP8080
  • Roland XV3080 (expanded)
  • Roland JV1080 (expanded)
  • Roland MC303
  • Roland MC307
  • Roland MC505
  • Waldorf Microwave
  • Waldorf Attack
  • Yamaha SY85
  • Yamaha SY35
  • Yamaha CS6x
  • Yamaha RM1x
  • Novation SuperNova II
  • Novation A Station
  • Novation K Station

Rick has worked with:

Moby, Madonna, Kylie, Britney Spears, Nine Inch Nails, The Smiths and many others...

  • TC Electronic Fireworks
  • Behringer T1954 Tube Ultraflex
  • SPL Stereo Vitaliser
  • Dualflex
  • Digitech Talkbox
  • Goldenthroat
  • Alesis AirFX
  • Electrix EQ Killer
  • Electrix Filter Queen
  • Sherman Filterbank
  • Sherman Filterbank 2

(OK... you can put your tongue back in ya mouth now!)

His success has also enabled him to (with gritted teeth) build his own custom-built private studio in the styx!

As well as writing tutorials for magazines (and being interviewed by webby weirdo's), he also writes reviews on the latest software and equipment to hit the market for them too, meaning that his finger is pretty much on the pulse ya could say!

The Dance Music Manual


If you've learnt anything from the mixing music tutorial here at TheWhippinpost, then wait until you read Rick's book!

In a nutshell, this book is a massive encyclopeadia of modern day electronic dance music, revealing just about everything you need to know including...

Composing dance music using:
  • MIDI
  • Synthesis
  • Sampling
Dance Music Theory:
  • How to write & arrange
  • Program synth sounds & more
  • Mixing theory for each genre of dance
  • How to record vocals
  • Understand those effects
  • How to master your finished songs
  • Remixing - Obtaining & clearing samples
  • How to release your music (white labels etc...)
  • How to publish it
  • Getting paid!

Pretty much every god-darn thing.

The book isn't padded-out with "fluff-talk" to fill space. No, it's jammed rigid with info. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that because it is, it becomes more than a book gathering dust, it's a book you'll want by your keyboard for quick reference at all times. I know!

Typical scenario --> You'll be close to shaping that sound, but after 6 hours of budging and nudging, you'll think, 'AH! Of course... the book!

... and 15 minutes later, there it is!

If I could pull one punch on it, I'd say that possibly the chapter on how-to build a website is the one area most likely out-of-place. But in this day and age where musicians do make it big from internet promotion alone, you might argue that it wouldn't be complete without it... Ya see, this book wants to put you on the right track for success 'cos as Rick also points out; it's a hazardous journey for the un-initiated.

He tells you all about the business side as well as the music-making side. And it's told not by someone who manages a band, or someone who has met success (or failure) as a musician. It's coming from someone who's seen both those characters come and go on an almost monthly basis, and so he knows both sides.

Need more convincing? (Sheesh man, after everything you've already learnt from here, you're still not convinced?!), well check out the comments others have left over at Amazon

BOOK TITLE: The Dance Music Manual - Tools, Toys and Techniques

AUTHOR: Rick Snoman

ISBN: 0240519159


OFFICIAL WEBSITE: The Dance Music Manual

Buy it now! Amazon