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Hard-Disk Multitrack Recorders for Recording work

In the Multitrack Hard-Disk Recorders category, Roland are offering up the VS2400CD Digital Workstation with CDR  for our consideration... What's it all about then?

Roland VS2400CD Digital Workstation with CDR
Roland VS2400CD Digital Workstation with CDR
The VS-2400CD Digital Studio Workstation brings professional 24-track recording and CD burning to a new low price. This compact recording workstation inherits many features from the flagship VS-2480CD - like premium analog components, VGA output, motorized faders and powerful mouse-based software control - while adding new features of its own such as RSS 3-D panning and V-LINK for integrating Edirol video products. Onboard effects and an internal CD drive let you mix, master and burn like a pro.
What others are saying:

it has so many features i'll probably never use them all!!

the unit seems to well made and laid out pretty well.

bang for the buck seems pretty good

i like the fact that it can record 24 tracks and is fairly portable.

this machine has very good sound quality, ie; what you put in is what comes out!

overall i am very satisfied except for the instruction manual which seems to have been written in technicaleze...

More Details

If that's not enough then check out the following link for the full specifications - VS2400CD Digital Workstation with CDR