Tempo (BPM) and pitchshifting calculator If you don't own a software audio editor that can time-stretch samples automatically - like, for instance, Sonic Foundry's Acid - then these tempo adjustment calculators are just the tools you need.

Below the fold: Tempo Transposer and a Tempo and Pitch-Shifting Calculator

The results are accurate to one hundredth of a point, unlike the "old" Akai samplers!

Tempo Transposer:

This calculator is precise to one hundredth of a semitone (about 0.04 bpm changing in average).

Very useful tool for Jungle and Drum 'n' Bass composers. Transforming a 92 bpm drum-loop groove to a 178.459 bpm jungle loop is now child's play!

For decimal values of bpm, use a decimal point (eg... 96.326)

Calculate the tempo of a loop with pitch-shifting
1) To get a loop of bpm 2) To be bpm
3) 4) semitones

Tempo and Pitch-Shifting Calculator:

This one is the opposite of the first calculator. It calculates the bpm tempo after pitch-shifting a sample.

Useful when you have, let's say, a 90 bpm drum loop on your keyboard (C3), and you want to know the bpm of the same loop played on a D3 (+ 2 semitones).

You can enter negative and decimal semitone values: eg... 2.36 or -4.52 (decimal values are hundredths of a semitone).

Use the point to enter decimal values (semitones or bpm).

Find out the new tempo of a sample after pitch-shifting it.
1) Your pitch-shift in semitones 2) Your original sample was bpm
3) 4) bpm