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Sequencers for Digital Audio And Midi for Computer Music work

In the Sequencers for audio and midi production category, Steinberg are offering up the WaveLab Audio Editing Mastering Software  for our consideration... What's it all about then?

Steinberg WaveLab Audio Editing and Mastering Software
Steinberg WaveLab Audio Editing and Mastering Software
WaveLab 5 is the only all-in-one solution for high resolution stereo and multi-channel audio editing, mastering, CD/DVD burning and for complete CD or DVD Audio production in outstanding audio quality. WaveLab is not just a top level mastering tool, it also offers capabilities for multimedia, sound design with samplers, radio broadcasts, and computer telephony applications. This is why WaveLab is the leading application for digital audio editing.

Sequencers for Digital Audio and Midi

All your favourite sequencers for making and managing your chart-busting compositions can be found below, whether audio, MIDI or both. These days, sequencers (especially the leading brands like Cubase, Logic etc...) try to be everything a full-blown recording studio provides... as well as be the musician!

Be aware though, that what you get with all this power often means more resource-intensive software (though Pro Tools is slightly different). So consider carefully what you actually think you'll need/use. I've yet to find a sequencer that does absolutely everything I want, as easily as I want. Conversely, I've yet to find a sequencer that doesn't come with stuff I don't want either.

Remember in all this though; that even paying top-dollar for the top dawg sequencer is still ridiculously cheaper than building a full-blown studio, equipped with instruments!

What others are saying:

comes with some good basic plugins.

you usually get what you pay for but in this case you get a lot more than you pay for.

the features on this program make it in many ways superior to any other software, even pro tools - that is except mixing. it is a wave editing program, not a sequencing program.

i emailed this company in germany to ask a few questions and they were extremely helpful and prompt.

i have tried just about every other program money can buy and the only ones i use are pro tools and wavelab.

More Details

If that's not enough then check out the following link for the full specifications - WaveLab Audio Editing Mastering Software