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Sequencers for Digital Audio And Midi for Computer Music work

In the category, Steinberg are offering up the Cubase SL MIDI Recording System   for our consideration... What's it all about then?

Steinberg Cubase SL MIDI Recording System (Macintosh and Windows)
Steinberg Cubase SL MIDI Recording System (Macintosh and Windows)

Cubase SL is the smaller brother of Cubase SX, but still offers an exceptionally powerful program whether you be an ambitious newcomer to home recording, or an engineer working in a project studio.

If certain features like Surround-Sound creation and/or editing are not important to your work, and you don't want to sacrifice the almost limitless possibilities available to work intuitively and creatively with your music, then SL is defo worth checking out.

Sequencers for Digital Audio and Midi

All your favourite sequencers for making and managing your chart-busting compositions can be found below, whether audio, MIDI or both. These days, sequencers (especially the leading brands like Cubase, Logic etc...) try to be everything a full-blown recording studio provides... as well as be the musician!

Be aware though, that what you get with all this power often means more resource-intensive software (though Pro Tools is slightly different). So consider carefully what you actually think you'll need/use. I've yet to find a sequencer that does absolutely everything I want, as easily as I want. Conversely, I've yet to find a sequencer that doesn't come with stuff I don't want either.

Remember in all this though; that even paying top-dollar for the top dawg sequencer is still ridiculously cheaper than building a full-blown studio, equipped with instruments!

What others are saying:

steinberg adverts this as almost sx.that is not the truth. i personally do-not do surrond sound yet and may never but that is not the only major difference. you cannot add effects to your input and record. you can assign differnt busses and grup your channels to them -but ..what's the use -as after you mix ,then you can not export the sum of the buss/group down to a 2 track mix. what sl means is lite .this is not for studio's.this is for the hobbyist.

rock solid for me.

not worth the american dollar.this should sell for about the sane as cakewalk home studio ,about 150.0o usd. you can not upgrade over to the steinberg sx platform. the only upgrade is within the sl line of the product.

it's appeal would be that midi and audio do work together pretty well ,and most importantly -vst support.

apogee for dithering down to 16 x 44.1 is very good.compression is pretty good.reverb's [vegas] is better.

steiberg is not as competetant at keeping information visable to there own customer base as many other softeware developers are.[not customer focused]

if you spend your american dollar on will not be able to upgrade to sx. only with in the sl when you are ready to move up to some professional grade software -you will have no investment.

More Details

If that's not enough then check out the following link for the full specifications - Cubase SL MIDI Recording System