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Sequencers for Digital Audio And Midi for Computer Music work

In the category, Sony are offering up the Sound Forge Audio Studio)  for our consideration... What's it all about then?

Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio (Windows)
Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio (Windows)

Sound Forge software is the professional's choice for audio editing, recording, effects processing, streaming content creation, and more. Now, Sony Media Software introduces Sound Forge Audio Studio -- an easy-to-use home version of our professional program. If you want to record music, edit and restore audio, create streaming media, and burn songs to CD, Sound Forge Audio Studio software is all you need.

Sequencers for Digital Audio and Midi

All your favourite sequencers for making and managing your chart-busting compositions can be found below, whether audio, MIDI or both. These days, sequencers (especially the leading brands like Cubase, Logic etc...) try to be everything a full-blown recording studio provides... as well as be the musician!

Be aware though, that what you get with all this power often means more resource-intensive software (though Pro Tools is slightly different). So consider carefully what you actually think you'll need/use. I've yet to find a sequencer that does absolutely everything I want, as easily as I want. Conversely, I've yet to find a sequencer that doesn't come with stuff I don't want either.

Remember in all this though; that even paying top-dollar for the top dawg sequencer is still ridiculously cheaper than building a full-blown studio, equipped with instruments!

What others are saying:

it just works great. it's easy to use and very intuitive compared to the several other recording programs i use.

extremely well written software. intuitive, easy to use, great quality. it just looks and feels like the authors knew what they were doing, as opposed to other software i use that were either written by sound engineers that don't know software, or software engineers that don't know sound.

it came with a sound card i purchased, but i will be upgrading to the newest version in the next week.

very cool, great screens, runs very fast. some systems stall, hang, or cause blips in the recording. never had that problem with sound forge.

quality of the sound is beautiful. you can record in very high definition (i dare say higher quality than the rest of my system).

haven't had to deal with support.

it's a keeper and software you won't be able to live without.

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If that's not enough then check out the following link for the full specifications - Sound Forge Audio Studio)