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USB Audio Interfaces for Computer Music work

In the USB audio interfaces category, M-Audio are offering up the odcast Factory Podcasting Solution  for our consideration... What's it all about then?

MAudio Podcast Factory Podcasting Solution
MAudio Podcast Factory Podcasting Solution

Podcasting is proving to be a very powerful driver of website traffic. However, the seperate processess involved can make it time-consuming and fiddly. Podcasters are screaming for an all-in-one podcasting solution. M-Audio have listened...

The Podcast Factory combines all the hardware and software you need to easily record, edit and publish professional-sounding podcasts.

Create sophisticated radio-style productions that integrate speech, music, and sound effects.

The included software even processes your MP3 files and automates the web publishing process of RSS 2.0 feeds.

Comes with microphone and Ableton Live Lite 4.

Control volume levels for headphones and main outputs.

Designed with the same M-Audio technology used in recording studios around the world, Podcast Factory gives you both the professional sound quality and creative tools to produce stellar podcasts that keep your listeners coming back for more.

The key to keep visitors coming back to your site is to podcast regularly

Featured Category: USB Audio Interfaces

USB audio interfaces allow you to control and manipulate your computer-music software using external equipment. It often means you can enjoy the same ease-of-use you get when using normal hardware... and we all know the level of satisfaction a man gets from man-handling his hardware don't we!.

With better technology these days, it means you needn't be tied to your mouse so much, allowing you to get more done whilst still in-the-groove.

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If that's not enough then check out the following link for the full specifications - odcast Factory Podcasting Solution