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USB Audio Interfaces for Computer Music work

In the category, Tascam are offering up the US122 Audio/MIDI Interface with Free Software  for our consideration... What's it all about then?

Tascam US122 Audio/MIDI Interface with Free Software
Tascam US122 Audio/MIDI Interface with Free Software

The US-122 features 2 XLR-based, phantom-powered mic inputs. As one of the only small computer interfaces with analog inserts, you can use the US-122 to place hardware devices (compressors, etc.) into the recording signal chain. Two line-level inputs on balanced 1/4 in. TRS jacks are included, and are switchable to guitar-level for direct instrument recording into your computer. The US-122 also provides a dedicated control for adjustable zero-latency direct monitoring, providing a sonically pure reference point before entering DAW processing.

Featured Category: USB Audio Interfaces

USB audio interfaces allow you to control and manipulate your computer-music software using external equipment. It often means you can enjoy the same ease-of-use you get when using normal hardware... and we all know the level of satisfaction a man gets from man-handling his hardware don't we!.

With better technology these days, it means you needn't be tied to your mouse so much, allowing you to get more done whilst still in-the-groove.

What others are saying:

phantom power, easy installation (horrible uninstall) - a cool little box. paired it with a laptop for location recording and it was great... while it worked.

there are enough warnings out there. you may get lucky and purchase a good unit, but then again... i would love to trade my unit to someone who wonders what all the fuss is about. any takers? one side still works, the other doesn't - on two different computers.

$200 for 2 months of good use is no bargain.

totally unsexy product unless you lust after walruses.

sounded good... when it worked. resulted in clear recordings. i was very happy with it for the first 2 months i had it.

they don't respond. if you have a 122 that works then their customer support is great. i purchased tascam products in the past - never again.

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If that's not enough then check out the following link for the full specifications - US122 Audio/MIDI Interface with Free Software