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USB Audio Interfaces for Computer Music work

In the USB Audio Interfaces category, Yamaha are offering up the UW500 USB Audio MIDI Interface with Software  for our consideration... What's it all about then?

Yamaha UW500 USB Audio and MIDI Interface with Windows Software
Yamaha UW500 USB Audio and MIDI Interface with Windows Software
The UW500 is truly an all-in-one solution for MIDI and audio recording. With comprehensive analog inputs, digital in/out, and multi-port MIDI capability plus software for sequencing, editing, and tone generation, the UW500 Personal Studio has everything you need to lay down MIDI and audio tracks and turn your computer into a fully equipped, easy-to-use home studio!

Featured Category: USB Audio Interfaces

USB audio interfaces allow you to control and manipulate your computer-music software using external equipment. It often means you can enjoy the same ease-of-use you get when using normal hardware... and we all know the level of satisfaction a man gets from man-handling his hardware don't we!.

With better technology these days, it means you needn't be tied to your mouse so much, allowing you to get more done whilst still in-the-groove.

What others are saying:

wish it didn't recognize scms, no coaxial i/o. anyway, who cares about these issues in the pro world?

oh... it's made in japan not china.

uw500 is built to last. very practical tool for location/stage recording with a laptop.

very good sounding d/a converter, excellent drive on (pro) headphones. a/d converters could be better.

as always.

have a nice ds2416 + ax44 combo since introduction. bought uw500 for my laptop (and i'm very happy). can someone offer me anything (in it's class, naturally) to beat these or even come close? please note that these are using 20bit converters (yes, it's sep. 2005)! i've already done 200+ mainstream music (mastering) projects in iran with these beasts...

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If that's not enough then check out the following link for the full specifications - UW500 USB Audio MIDI Interface with Software