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USB MIDI Interfaces for Computer Music work

In the category, M-Audio are offering up the idisport 2x2   for our consideration... What's it all about then?

MAudio Midisport 2x2 (Macintosh and Windows)
MAudio Midisport 2x2 (Macintosh and Windows)

MIDISPORT 2x2 is a multi-port MIDI interface for USB-equipped PC and Apple computers. MIDISPORT's high-speed USB (Universal Serial Bus) connection to the computer assures reliable, immediate MIDI transfers. Installation is a breeze — no computer disassembly, no jumpers to set, no I/O Addresses, IRQs, or DMA channels to configure! Expansion is just as easy — just plug in additional MIDISPORT units for more MIDI ports.

Featured Category: USB MIDI Interfaces

USB MIDI interfaces allow you to connect your computer to compatible external hardware devices like a MIDI controller for example, or a mixing surface. The MIDI controller can send MIDI messages to a sound module on your PC and tell it to trigger sounds and/or even manipulate effects like panning, volume, cut-off etc...

USB interfaces are pretty much the common standard now for connecting external MIDI devices to your computer, but if you've just bought a new MIDI controller and are saddled with an older computer (or vice versa: New PC, older MIDI keyboard) there are adaptors that will hook the 2 technologies together, so fear not, you can still keep hold of your vintage gear.

We list the latest USB MIDI interfaces available on the market today.

What others are saying:

good enough for my home software recording projects as i'm only using two midi keyboards.

generally good except that it makes no sense to have the in-a port located in the front of the unit.

considering all the problems i've had with it i would conclude that it has little to no value. however, when it decides to work properly it does a great job. the problem is it doesn't work very often.

as stated before, all the ports need to be at the back of the unit. other than that it's just fine.

sound is not the issue. when it works it transfers sound well.

fairly quick responses but problems were not resolved.

i'm going to get a different midi interface simply because i'm frustrated with it not working right all the time; spending way too much time trying to get it to function. it has kept me from getting my projects done in a timely fashion.

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If that's not enough then check out the following link for the full specifications - idisport 2x2