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61-Key Synthesizers for Keyboards and MIDI work

In the category, Roland are offering up the Juno-D 61-Key Synthesizer Keyboard  for our consideration... What's it all about then?

Roland Juno-D 61-Key Synthesizer Keyboard
Roland Juno-D 61-Key Synthesizer Keyboard
Roland proudly announces the Juno-D - the most competitively priced and full-featured synthesizer in its class. Hundreds of radio-ready sounds are packed into the Juno-D's jet-black metal chassis, along with a world-class array of expressive multi-effects, realtime performance controllers, and tools for groove creation and composition.
What others are saying:

it comes with a software for edition, nice!

well as you can see is very handsome :) it is the most beautyful thing iin my room! it looks very firm metal chasis looks like can handle everything, the knobs are strongest than it looks in the photo...

its very good for the price!

as i said before it is nice, i do like it!

the sounds are great!! the guitars are awesome!!! pianos are good... editing is good too!

no need

well i expect to buy anything better in a few years... but while you are learning this is the bridge to professionalism

More Details

If that's not enough then check out the following link for the full specifications - Juno-D 61-Key Synthesizer Keyboard