Submitted by thewhippinpost on Wed, 17/01/2007 - 10:32.

Last week we touched on how to find the key of a song - Uncanny, as it was literally at that same moment that Allen & Heath (in partnership with Mixed In Key) announced Xone Mixed In Key

Xone Mixed In Key is Windows and MAC OS X software which allows you to mix in total harmony. It eliminates all key clashes, out-of-key vocals and muddy mixes from your DJ sets - so that when you play live, every song will blend together perfectly.
Xone - Harmonic Mixing Software

Sounds too cool!

Screenshot of Xone Mixed In Key  Basically, it will scan all your MP3 and WAV song files and determine the key of each one before showing you which one's will match.

Their system is based on the Camelot Notation chart to work out which keys will match.

Although its mainly targetted at DJ's, I can see it being useful to many musicians as a shortcut to finding the key of samples which will work with others during the songwriting process too.