Submitted by thewhippinpost on Tue, 28/11/2006 - 12:36.

The guitar being hung by its neck This is cool and qualifies as one of those, 'Oh why didn't I think of that!,' simple ideas that change the way people do stuff.

Hang Not Stand

Ditch the bulky, heavy guitar stand and instead, just use the light-to-carry, and simple-to-setup Hangman.

The Hangman is placed at the top of an opened, rectangular guitar case, which should be in a standing, upright position. The neck of the guitar is placed into the cresent holder which allows the guitar to hang by its neck.

Not sure if there are any issues with hanging a guitar by its neck but it must beat leaning it against a wall (or shoving it through a speaker!)

Cole - The Hangman's inventor - emailed TheWhippinpost to say thanks after reading a solution to a problem he was having with Cubase. We love those kind'a emails so just out of curiousity, I checked-out one of his websites and found this - Although it's not strictly computer music-related, I used to play the Bass guitar and thought it was cool, so best of luck with it Cole.