Submitted by thewhippinpost on Thu, 23/11/2006 - 20:17.

Let it be known that henceforth, TheWhippinpost was officially "relaunched", live, on 20th Nov 2006, BO!

With that said; there may be some bugs or missing pages knocking about - If you do find one, do us a favour won't ya? Give us the nod and let us know...

.. the sooner the bugs are squashed, the quicker the show can begin.

Meanwhile... Thanks!

Yes, a big thanks to everyone that's already taken the trouble to write-in with messages of encouragement and suggestions - both before and after the "relaunch" - it's just frickin' awesome man! Sincere apologies if you've not had a reply yet but it's hectic ATM. Rest-assured however, you will soon (unless it's a personal music-making problem you're having; in which case it'll go into the bank of answer-requests which may get answered here for everybody to learn at some future point).

The new site makes it much simpler to add more articles quickly and easily and for you to share your own thoughts (look for the "Speak out" box below), so don't be shy brothers and sisters... holla back at yo dawg!

... and don't forget: If you want to be stay abreast of TheWhippinpost, as it happens, you can do so by clicking - and thus subscribing - to the RSS feed in your blog-reader wherever you see this feed icon...

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(Note: If you have the latest Internet Explorer browser (IE7), you have a blog-reader built-in already. I personally use the Maxthon browser which also has one... plus it automatically picks-up (and plays) any podcasts too... plus, it's just an amazing browser, but enough of the pimping. (Cue browser-war discussion ;))

OK... that's it with the audience-prep, what should we do now eh?!