Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 13/12/2006 - 22:13.

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Midi Keyboard

Asked by: The d

I have jus bought a yamaha psr 175 keyboard and a phecda midi to usb interface. The problem is that i cant get it to work with propellerhead reason 2. 5 software. Can someone please tell me how i can configure reason to make sound from my keybboard come out
my computer recognised the midi interface. Configuring the software is the problem. Is there any simple midi mapping software i could try


Submitted by: pknutson_sws

Is the problem that the software isn't working or that you can't hear the keyboard? Without seeing what's going on it's hard to diagnose. It could be that your usb port isn't switched on internally, or, you may just need to restart the computer so that the interface recognizes the new hardware.

Did you get the message new hardware found? If not