Submitted by thewhippinpost on Tue, 13/02/2007 - 02:54.

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Axiom 61 Keyboard Midi

Asked by: Mr. Galinsky

I was wondering if a keyboard midi controller like the axiom 61 produces sounds by itself without being hooked up to a pc software?


Submitted by: superfunkmasta

No, midi controllers require either a computer, or a rack mount synth unit in order to make sound.

I use an M-Audio Radium, and Arturia's Minimoog, Modular Moog, and ARP2600 soft synths on my PC.

The keyboard action leaves a little to be desired (though it does have eight sliders, and eight knobs that you can assign to any function on the screen)

No, MIDI is not a sound,

No, MIDI is not a sound, just a protocol for messages (instructions) which are acted upon by a synth, soundcard, sound module, whatever...