Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 13/12/2006 - 22:13.

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Usb Mixer

Asked by: bgsj23

I use reason and adobe audition for podcasts, music, etc.

I had planned on just buying a decent USB mic for $60 or $70, but I went to the music shop and they tell me that everything will sound much better with a regular mic through a mixer that hooks up to my USB input. Is this true? With the programs I've got, wouldn't a USB mic sound just as good or close to as good?
Which one would you recommend


Submitted by: whittinjar

The data transfer rate in some USB devices will make things sound bad. USB 2. 0 should be preffered, and do some research via audio sites before you buy.

USB Mic's are pretty new technology in comparison to regular microphones. You may be able to get a better sounding Mic for cheaper then the USB version.

If you intend on recording music and things, a seperate USB device with a mixer may sound a lot better, as you could potentially record guitar and mic at the same time