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Midi Controller

Asked by: Jake Copeland

I have the wires and plugs for an M-Audio 49e Keystation, but I got it secondhand without any of the software that I'm guessing came with it. I can download all the drivers from the M-Audio website, but because it is only a midi CONTROLLER, I know I must need a separate piece of software to make it play the notes it sends. Anyone know what programs will do it? Doesn't need to be freeware. I already own Audacity and Adobe Audition.



Submitted by: jquittenton2

I have not yet done this but am considering a similar setup myself. My understanding was that the sounds (or synthisizer software to create them) are built into windows/ your soundcard software. All the controller keyboard does is to send the MIDI signals to the PC which the windows MIDI device converts into music. So on this basis, it should just work when you plug it in and install the keyboard drivers. I know you can also install additional packs of MIDI fonts (sound samples) for some sound cards, but you should get basic sound is you are. Its the same as if you play a MIDI file and hear the music - as the file also only contains MIDI signals.

I'd be very interested in knowing how you get on. ..

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