Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 13/12/2006 - 22:13.

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USB Mixer

Asked by: bgsj23

Hi there. I've got an RZ44G desktop vaio and it has the RCA Jacks in the front and back.

I know they can be used to record things from VHS tapes onto the hard drive, but can they be used for anything else? I have a mixer I'd like to hook up to the computer in order to use a microphone for making music, but I'm not sure if the RCA jacks can be used for anything else.

My mixer doesn't have any usb input, but it does have a tape out with two RCA jacks. I want to use this for podcasts and such, either through the front or back rca jacks.

Are the jacks in the front of the computer also part of the sound card?
Do I need to do anything to specify to my audio program (adobe audition) that it needs to record the sound coming in through the RCA jacks


Submitted by: juliepelletier

It is very unlikely these are for input. Normally they're installed to allow you to connect the computer to output on a TV set