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Acid Loops And Music Players

Asked by: jeremymiami

I really want to record my guitar into the program but I have no idea what kind of hardware I need. I'm guessing there is some sort of device that allows you to plugin to a USB or some other sort of port. I'm not computer illiterite but far from an expert.
Also, I'm looking for some rock/blues/jazz loops. Does anyone know where I can find them? I know there are places you can pay for them but I'm not that serious about it. Anyone know a good place to get free Acid loops? Thank you for your replies


Submitted by: zerro

Yes you will need a sound card. A little Behringer MIXER like mine or cheaper would be a great thing to plug into your sound card. (Guitar into mixer and bass,microphpne, and drum machine)

you could get a Sound blaster sound card at Best Buy for $50 to $100. 00. Or get a different brand at this site.

For the mixer like mine that you will need if you really want to sound good then you must have this - Behringer eurorack ub1204FX-pro


Hey I use acid pro 6.0 to

Hey I use acid pro 6.0 to record my guitar. I multi track on it as well. to record my guitar into my PC I use M-audio fast track usb. it has input for guitar and MIC.
Its much better then using a computer sound card. You get much better sound quallity. Fast track costs about 100$ or less. Good luck!