Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 13/12/2006 - 22:13.

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Asked by: Walter

I'm planning to transfer some of my vinyl records onto digital format. All I need to know is what kind of wire I'll need to connect to the record player and to my PC's soundcard. Also, into which part of the record player should I plug in said wire


Submitted by: Danaerys

Usually your turntable will have a line out jack that's split at the ends into separate white and red jacks (this type of jack is called RCA). If you don't have that coming out of the back of your turntable already, you'll need to get one (radio shack). Then you'll need to take a look at the line in on your sound card. It's probably a standard mini jack like the type that also goes into headphones and iPods. If that's the case you'll need to get a connector or converter that will allow you to plug the red and white jacks in on one end and the other end should be a mini jack that you can plug into your sound card. Hope that makes sense. I've done it, so I know it can be done fairly easily