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Usb Mixer

Asked by: charlielikespeanutbutter

If you managed to listen to www. Myspace.Com/miraclepill, my songs have been uploaded but the quality of the voice and guitars aren't balanced. So, I ended up getting a USB cable for my guitar and keyboard which I'm pleased with...However, the latest purchase of a SHure mic has left me wondering because the XLR (or whatever other cable that isn't USB) won't connect to my iBook...Should I keep it and buy a USB mixer in which can connect ALL the above instruments or more?...

P.S....Should I return my MIDI cable which I thought I would need but turns out, the USB cable for the guitar works as well for my keyboard using my PA system?

P.P.S/ I tried routing my USB cable in a way that I thought would register my mic via the PA, but alas , nothing


Submitted by: jedimastercurtis

No, by all means keep the mic. Shure are a damn good brand.
What you need to do is... Buy yourself a mic cable that has XLR at one end, and a 6.5mm (or 1/4