Submitted by thewhippinpost on Tue, 13/02/2007 - 02:54.

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Sample Loops And Music Players

Asked by: Nesha J

I have fruity loops but I just realized that it's jst samples and I want to make my own music not build on somebody's music. So is Pro Tools the program to have to do that? I want to be able to have a studio on a program so that I dont have to continue to buy equipment


Submitted by: nick11qb

No. Protools is a software package that comes with a piece of hardware ranging from 200 to over 1000 dollars, depending on the complexity of the package. It is designed by DigiDesign, and they are very strict about what components you can use with it. As of now, the only other interfaces ProTools supports are M-audio. Secondly, ProTools is a DAW, and will provide you with much more horsepower than I think you are looking for. It would be a waste of money for someone to buy a protools suite with the intention of recording home demos or 8-track projects, you would be better suited using garage band. ProTools also does not come with MIDI voices like Garageband does so unless you are recording yourself playing an instrument you will want your software to have installed MIDI voices so that you only need a MIDI interface keyboard to make your own music (beats, synths, piano, bass). I have the feeling that because you were using Fruity Loops you are looking for a simpler suite without all the recording power, and garageband would be it for you. You would have to use a Mac though