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Asked by: Marcbolanboy

I want so spend around three hundred pounds on something to record music at home. I obviously need a mic (I have ZERO experience in them) and either something like a 4 track or a soundcard (my PC is fast) to record tracks on, including, hopefully, to be able to cope when my mates coming round to jam. I literally have no idea where to start but the songs are getting good and we need something to just get them down so they sound good enough for myspace or something. I don't know, thanks guys and sorry I seem to be so inarticulate today


Submitted by: Realvocalist

I would recommend Cakewalk Homestudio software. I use it and it is very user-friendly. They even have software/hardware specific to guitar recording. A pretty penny though. I got my copy on eBay for less than $100. Good Luck