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Midi Keyboard

Asked by: Rockies VM

How different/difficult are the Midi/USB hookups?

She has a nice Walters upright piano but wants a keyboard to input data to the computer to generate music notes and 'lead sheets?

the candidates are Casio 3300WK and 3800 -(pricey)

and Yamaha Ypg 225 DGX 220 .

Money is an issue but not a real big deal. (probably not a Christmas present)

May have to buy music notation software like Encore PrintMusic?

Any guidance


Submitted by: Red

I have been messing with a CTK 571

Several years ago i purchased Cakewalk a basic software package. It came with the cords to attach my Casio to to the game stick port on my computer sound card.
At that time it cost 25.00 software and cables at best buy.
I am now thinking of up grading to wk3300 but i know it connects via the USB instead of the other port. The 3300 is an upgrade of the 3200 that connected the old way like I am currently doing. I like the Casio piano sounds better than the Yamaha. I no longer want the weighted keys which can be a real touchy issue with some. The 3800 has a few more bells and whistles than the 3300 but creates the same sounds with the same circuits. I have cakewalk music writer that does print out the music but I haven't used it much. It also allows you to turn the midi into a MP3 a burn it on a CD. I find I use my software for learning new music more than mixing my down. Normally I would record up to six tracks on the built in mixer in the keyboard and then dump it in to the computer for storage. The most bang for the lowest buck is the Casio wk3300.
Down side is the keys are a little noisy ( click)