Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 13/12/2006 - 22:13.

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Asked by: ms_jaffa_cake

My bf's bought a sound card for his pc, coz the other one had broke or summat. He hasnt had sound on his pc for ages. He tried fitting it but its not working. Its the correct one. He said his comp has alot of viruses on. Would that be a reason that its not working? What other reasons could it be? thanks


Submitted by: twentieth_century_refugee

The soundcard needs to be fitted, then you (or your boyfriend) need to get into the pc's BIOS, which is done as you boot it up (methods vary with different BIOS's, but generally you need to hit the 'Delete' key repeatedly while booting up).

Somewhere in the BIOS pages will be an option to Enable or Disable onboard sound - as your boyfriend's just fitted a soundcard, this obviously needs to be Disabled.

Now when you save this change and exit the BIOS, the machine should start normally. You may have to install the drivers and any software for the soundcard before it will work properly.

Hope this helps......