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Asked by: shaarii

Hi I have put in my old sound card from an old pc that died on me. This pc was homemade and I cannot get hold of the guy who made it. Anyway I have a new pc and I want to put the soundcard in it but I cannot see what make it is and in the device manage it tells me it's just a unimodem half duplex modem. I disabled the Realtek in the new pc and used this one as my default but my pc is not regognizing that i have a sound card. I cannot download the drivers cause I don't know what make it is... So far I have found some writing on the card: one is sunhold and the other small black flat chips that say intel on it.
Sorry the device manager says uni modem half duplex audio device.


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control panel
device manager

that doesnt work if its not

that doesnt work if its not recognised ^_^