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Sample Loops

Asked by: Ulver

Is their any live instruments being played, or is it all Sampled loops and computer made music.

Not trying to debate, just curiou


Submitted by: homeboy187nic

Basically most known producers like Dre, SS, RZA etc create mostly computerised music by using midi devices. Sometimes they mix with real nstruments too. For example Dre most of the times has a man playing the bass for his songs.
The Roots are one of the few american hiphop live bands. They use real instruments, bass guitar, keyboard, drums,have a dj, and only one rapper(the group consists in total of 6-7 men i think).
In my country there used to be a rap crew that palyed live too, making Greek rap..
So hiphop is mostly coomputerised music with some exceptions. But that's the whole idea of hiphop..Rapping is the best instrument an MC use